Emma Bates

From Bronco Strong
 to Boston Strong

About Me

I am a 23-year-old, Minnesota native pursuing a career in running. I now reside in Boston, Massachusetts being coached by Terrence Mahon. With the help of the Boston Athletic Association and Adidas, I am able to follow my dream of making an Olympic or World team in the 10,000 meters. 
I graduated in May, 2015 from Boise State University where I majored in Exercise Science. Whilst there, I became a Division 1 National Champion in the 10,000 meters and a 12-time All-American. 
Personal Records
1500 meters-4:16
5,000 meters-15:32
10,000 meters-32:13

Professional Running

I'm still new to this business, but my goals in running go far beyond the track. I hope that in this journey I will be able to inspire others as well. I know first-hand the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to chase a dream.
I want everyone to feel like they can come to me with questions about all things running (or just life!). There will always be struggles and a whole lot of heartache, but we runners are crazy and we do it anyway. We are a different breed and I love our sport even more for it.
The running community is a special place where we can share our setbacks and help each other grow. Please contact me and share your experiences. I am always here to help!